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It can be a good idea to spoil your loved ones with a unique birthday gift experience at the Ayurve Spa in Sydney. We have 2 hour, 3 hour, and 4-hour day spa packages available. Everyone could use some relaxation time so go ahead and purchase your loved one or friend a personalized gift certificate online or inside of our day spa.

Our sensational Ayurve spa birthday gift ideas are designed to make you feel good, enjoy some much needed pampering, and give him or her, an experience that will leave them feeling 100% relaxed.


Birthday Gifts-Ayurve Spa

Birthday Gifts-Ayurve Spa

Buy our Special Unique Birthday Gifts Online

    Purchase Our Unique Spa Birthday Gifts Ideas Online

  • 18th Birthday Gift Idea – Great for teenagers who need to get into a skin care regime, girls who need manicures and pedicures, or boys who need their eyebrows shaped.
  • 21st Birthday Gift Idea – Allow them to remove unwanted hair or fix pimples.
  • 25th Birthday Gift Idea – Since they are bound to go to a hot party they can look beautiful hairless with laser hair removal.
  • 30th Birthday Gift Idea – Skip applying moisturizes at home and have a professional skin care treatment performed to give you the radiant skin you have always desired.
  • 40th Birthday Gift Idea – Have a facial performed that will help you achieve the younger looking skin that you have always wanted.
  • 50th Birthday Gift Idea – Feel young again with peels, skin tightening, and deep tissue massages.
  • Birthday Day Spa Gift Idea- Great for any age range because they will be pampered with spa treatments of their choice.
  • Birthday Gift Ideas for Corporate Clients & Customers – Surprise them with a luxurious spa package.
  • Birthday Gift Ideas for Fathers or Mothers – Spa packages that allow them to relax
  • Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women – Pregnancy massages work wonders.
  • Everyone has their birthday come around each year and when they receive a luxurious spa gift, they are grateful. Our spa packages are ideal for boyfriends, girlfriends, moms, dads, friends, and more!

We all celebrate birthday’s every year and it is a great luxury gift that can benefit anyone for beauty treatments or pampering, for her, him, boyfriend, girlfriend, mum, dad, friends, partner or parents !

Birthday Gifts- Day Spa Special offers:-

Absolute Indulgence 4 Hour Birthday Pampering| $370.00

Ayurve Spa Treatments

Ayurve Spa Treatments

90min Full body scrub and massage, 90min facial, 30min pedicure & 30min manicure- 

Receive a 90-minute full body scrub and massage, a 90-minute facial, a 30-minute pedicure and a 30-minute manicure. Our full body scrub and massage allows you to receive exfoliation, a hot towel that leaves your skin soft, and a massage that allows you to be relaxed and nourished. After this, you will receive a deluxe facial that will treat your face, neck, and décolletage, which uses concentrated targeted ingredients. You will find that your skin tone and tissue will be renewed and you will feel smoother and relaxed. To end the perfect ultimate relaxation you will experience a regular pedicure and manicure, which uses a complete nourishing treatment on your feet and hands, while finishing with the polish color of your choice.

Total Pampering 3 Hour Birthday Present | $280.00

Massages -Spa Ayurve

Massages -Spa Ayurve

Massage+Facial, Manicure Or Pedicure 

Receive a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure. Your day spa treatment will begin with a relaxing body massage and your choice of manicure or pedicure. Your day spa treatment ends with a relaxing and nourishing facial that is ideal for your skin type.

Total Pampering 3 Hour | $280.00

Massages - 1

Facial Or Massage, Manicure & Pedicure (Option 2)

Receive a facial or massage and a manicure and pedicure. A relaxing body massage or a prescriptive derma facial followed by a manicure and pedicure is an ultimate way for you to relax. During the manicure and pedicure your nails will be filed, cuticles cured, and your hands and feet are massaged and dipped in a warm wax, ending with a colored polish of your choice.

Luxury Package 2 Hour | $210.00

Facial-Ayurve Spa

Facial-Ayurve Spa

Body Massage & Facial-(Option 1)

Receive a body massage and facial. You can ease all of your pains away with our body massage performed by licensed therapists followed by a prescriptive Dermal Facial. With this treatment, you will experience treatments to your face and neck. You will only be provided highly concentrated, specifically targeted ingredients. In the end, you will feel smoother skin and relaxation.

Luxury Package 2 Hour | $210.00

Facial Spa-Ayurve

Facial Spa-Ayurve

Back, Face & Feet Or Hand-(Option 2)

Ease your aches and pains with back massage followed by prescriptive Derma Facial Treatment to suit your skin condition. Complete with Parrafin Foot Or Hand Therapy – a treatment for nourishing the skin on the feet Or hands leaving them feeling delectable.

Are you looking for suprise couples massage gift ? We offer range of couples day spa packages in our double couples room.

Ayurve Detox Package 2 Hour | $210.00

Shirodhara (Wed, Thur & Sat) 90min | $185.00

Massages - 7

Experience a warm hour oil flow that allows you to rejuvenate and eliminate a variety of diseases to improve your vitality. Your entire body will be massaged with warm oil and in supine position on a massage table; the oil is released from a bowl to your forehead.

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage 75min | $130.00


This warm oil based massage helps you release tension and increase vitality by removing excess toxins from your body. Your balance will be restored and the flow of prana will be increased.

Treatment of Choice – Birthday Gift Ideas

$100 Gift $200 Gift $300 Gift $400 Gift $500 Gift $1000 Gift


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