Body Day Spa Treatments

body treatmentsAt Ayurve Spa Sydney we offer a wide range of treatments to suit all needs for both men and women. Using only the highest quality tanning and body products, we always assure quality and professionalism when visiting us.

We all need a little pampering from time to time so come and visit us for a blissful body treatment or just feel healthier with our beautiful tan giving you that gorgeous glow

Body  Treatments

We offer you a choice of beauty treatments. Not sure which one is right for you? Our trained therapists are here to help.

Techno Tan-Spray on Tan | 15min: $45.00

body treatments - spray on tanTechno Tan- Spray Techno Tan-Spray on Tan ( Chocolate/Caramel) Develops around 2 hours

Step into our tan room and be sprayed by professionals giving you the most natural, bronzed colour to suit all skins. We have 2 different types of tans offering 2 hour express development or 6 hour development.

Both types offer varying shades of colour giving you the best result for your skin type, your therapist will discuss this with you before proceeding. For best results please exfoliate on the day or night before and leave all deodorant/perfumes and moisturisers off the skin so the tan can absorb evenly.

Tip for better tan: Please wear or have dark loose clothing to put on after tanning treatment.


Wet Body Exfoliation +Spray Tan | 45min: $75.00

body treatments - wet brush

Enjoy a full body exfoliation with Techno Tans gentle cream scrub with Shea butter, Jojoba and Macadamia to leave your skin so soft and ready for maximum absorption. After your full body scrub you will be placed into our tan booth and a professional therapist will spray you with your choice of tan.

Spray tanning procedure then follows and homecare advise.

We advise you to wear darker, loose fitting clothes on the day, no deodorant if possible, no moisturiser and no make up if you have booked in for spray tanning only. With wet and dry exfoliation we will take care of this for you. We provide disposable g-strings and caps for blonde hair. Please wear open toed shoes or loose fitting shoes.

Body Polish and Cream Hydration | 45min: $85.00

body treatments - body polish and cream hydrationBody Polish and Cream Hydration A deep hydration for dry skin.

Starting with a hot towel foot compress you will instantly be relaxed and ready for a full body exfoliation.  Each area will be thoroughly scrubbed with our brightening Dermalogica rice bran exfoliant followed by an exfoliating body mitt giving you an even deeper body exfoliation. Hot towels will then be placed onto the area removing any excess exfoliant left behind. A deep nourishing Dermalogica body cream will then be massaged into each area leaving your skin feeling so soft and supple with an instant healthy glow.

Body Scrub with Relaxing Body Massage | 90min: $155.00

body treatments - body scrub with relaxing body massageBegin with a hot towel foot compress followed by a 30 minute body exfoliation using a beautifully scented organic sugar scrub, the salts are then removed with an exfoliating body mitt and hot towels.  A warm oil 60 minute massage then follows to release all your tense muscles and relax the mind.

Purifying back treatment-(Backcial) | 45min: $85.00

body treatments - purifying back treatmentDeep cleanse for spotty or oily backs.

A deep cleansing treatment for the back to assist with the removal of excess oil and unwanted blemishes. Begin with an antibacterial cleanse using menthol to calm and cool the skin, followed by a deep exfoliation, drawing out excess oil while removing any dead skin. A massage will then relax your muscles and mind preparing your for a clay based masque that will again work on drawing out any excess oil whilst also hydrating  and calming the skin.

Sea Mud body Wrap/Multi Power body wrap Dermalogica | 75min: $175.00

body treatments - sea mud body wrap

Relax instantly by laying down onto one of our heated spa beds with soft music filling the air.  Receive a hot towel foot compress to begin then a full body exfoliation to brighten and hydrate the skin. A body mitt is then used to further exfoliate the skin while removing the exfoliant.

The skin is left softer and smoother ready for maximum absorption of the following body masque. Depending on what condition your skin is in, a clay based masque infused with sea minerals to help purify and clear the skin of excess oil and blemishes OR if the skin is dry and prematurely aging a multi vitamin enriched masque with deep hydrating properties will be applied and then you will be wrapped up in a heat activating foil, and allowed to let penetrate into the skin for 15-20 minutes.

You will then need to shower off the remaining masque, then lay down again to receive a full body hydrating treatment using dermalogicas body hydrating cream/ Or ultra hydrating body cream.

Algologie Vanilla Body Wrap | 155min: $230.00

Experience our new body wrap enriched with Vanilla Extract, Soybean Oil and Rice Powder. Begin with a full body Rice Bran exfoliation with a delicious vanilla infused scrub, followed with a warm oil relaxing body and scalp massage. Finishes with a vanilla dusting powder to leave your skin soft and silky.

A truly delicious and sensual package leaving you pampered and rejuvenated.


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