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Dermalogica's Q & A's

How long until I see a result from using Dermalogica products?
Using a professional skin care product like Dermalogica will give an instant result to the skin in the way of hydrating and thoroughly cleaning the skin.

If there are advanced skin problems like pigmentation, severe cases of acne, sun damage, then it may take some time to begin to see a noticeable difference, but it is so important to maintain the recommended home care as your skin health will begin to improve from the very first moment you use it on the skin.
What are the benefits of using Dermalogica on my skin?
The long term benefits of using Dermalogica on the skin is that you will constantly maintain healthy, beautiful, strong skin, performing at its best.

You will still come across moments when you experience blemishes, dehydrated skin or pigmentation, but if your skin is healthy and strong then the therapist treating you can achieve much faster and better results in dealing with these concerns.
Why are Dermalogica's cleansers soap free?
Soaps that you see on supermarket shelves are full of sulphates that strip the skin of its acid mantle (natural skin barrier), leaving the skin with no protection from all the free radicals that can damage your skin. Dermalogica's cleansers will still thoroughly clean the skin but without the sulphates that it. Instead they use acid-balanced natural ingredients that maintain skin health and it's barrier while you cleanse away all the dirt and grease form the surface.
Are Dermalogica's products tested on animals?
No they are not and they are strongly against this.
Why is it important that I only buy Dermalogica from a registered stockist and after having a proper skin consult with a skin therapist?
Dermalogica does intense skin training with all trained therapists, giving clients a reliable skin therapist able to treat your skin and get it looking and feeling at its absolute best. Dermalogicas skin care products are also quite active, and if choosing the wrong product for your skin can have the opposite effect. It is important you only buy from a registered stockist like at a salon or skin clinic, if you buy from an unauthorized seller, like some dodgy internet sites, than you could be risking buying a replica that could contain quite damaging ingredients, while also waiving away your rights if for some reason you need to bring the product back.

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