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IPL Acne Treatments


Both males and females at some point in their lives will experience some form of acne and many factors will influence the severity of the condition. IPL (Intense Pulse Light ) has become a successful treatment for acne sufferers and assists in the killing of the bacteria that causes the inflammatory pustules and pimples. At Ayurve we have a wide range of treatments to help our clients decide on what will work best for them and their acne problems.

Ayurve offers range of skin rejuvenation treatments, if you have other concerns it is best to consult our aestheticians prior deciding on any treatment options

How does it work?
After your initial consultation and patch test your therapist will organise a time for you to come back and proceed with the treatment. A small cool rectangular laser head is placed on the areas of concern and produces a burst of controlled electromagnetic energy that gets absorb by the bad bacteria causing the inflammations and destroys it. 2 – 4 sessions are normally recommended.
How does it feel?
Each time the IPL head is placed on the skin the burst of energy produces a slight snap on the skin, kind of like a little rubber band being pulled back and flicked at the skin. Depending on the size of the area, this sensation will be felt numerous times as the head is moved evenly around the infected area. The head of the laser is quite chilled so it will take away most discomfort.
What to expect?
Immediately after the treatment, the therapist will apply a cooling gel to help soothe and dissipate any redness. You may be a bit sensitive and have a reddened skin for up to 24 hrs.
What areas can I treat?
Anywhere on the body can be treated as long as the area is not tanned either naturally or artificially.Please Note :the desired area for treatment needs to be out of the sun for 4-6 weeks prior treatment and then continually throughout the rest of treatment.
How many treatments are recommended?
On average between 2-4 sessions are required, with a waiting period of at least 7 days between treatments
Other Treatments and products that treat similar conditions without using IPL :
At Ayurve we have a wide range of medical grade peels that can give the same results as IPL.
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iconSalicylic Peel

Eros IPL Acne Treatments

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Note : All New Clients require a Test Patch before commencing any IPL treatments. If you have had any sun exposure or tanning to the area you want to treat in the past 4-6 weeks we can NOT treat.