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Life at times can be very stressful, filling us with worries that can be detrimental to our health. Wecan find ourselves all tight,tense and un-balanced and in need of some assistance to relieve the aches and pains.

At Ayurve Spa, we offer a variety of massage that will aid in the prevention or relief of such body concerns. With a combination of different techniques, we can ease any tension caused by poor posture, repetitive muscle strain, sports injury, muscular tension.
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At Ayurve Spa, all our therapists will provide professionalism and quality service each time you visit. Whilst maintaining a high level of hygiene, you can be assured that your massage will be performed in a private room, with sweet aromas filling the air, gentle relaxing music lightly playing in the background, warm beds to relax on and warm sweet almond oils are used to ease the tension out of your muscles.

Our aim at Ayurve is to provide you with a choice of rejuvenating massage therapies that can assist you with all your major concerns, whilst maintain a level of high quality and professionalism.

Additionally, we provide you smart discounts and offers on our Spa Massage Therapy packages from time to time.

For couples day spa pampering and massage check out our couple massage packages or visit our day spa packages or read about our massage blogs.

Relaxing Back & Scalp Massage
30min: $60.00
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Perfect for a quick pick me up, or lunchbreak treat, this express massage will leave you feeling relaxed and De-stressed. This massage can be Swedish or Aromatherapy style.

For specific concerns or deep tissue massages, please choose either a remedial or Ayurvedic massage. We also offer Pregnancy Massage for prenatal and post natal treatments.

Relaxing Body Massage or Swedish Massage
60min: $110.00
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The main aim for the Swedish massage is to increase oxygen flow around the body and help the muscles release built up toxins. Using a warm sweet almond oil to ease the aches and pains, the therapists use a variety of techniques to massage and relax the body, leaving you feeling refreshed and in a state of pure bliss. Finish your massage with a glass of our famous warm rose tea.

If you require a more deep kind of massage therapy please choose either remedial, ayurvedic massage, Pregnancy Massage

Ayurve Signature Massage 90min:$160.00
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Ayurve's signature massage is the ultimate in any of our massage relaxation therapies. With hot towel compression after each area, more focus is paid to each part of the body. This massage allows you to benefit from many different massage techniques like kneading, gliding, stretching, tapping and friction movements. Warm oils heat up the muscles releasing that built up tension, with a variety of pressures that the therapist will customise to what you prefer.

Finish your treatment with a glass of warm rose tea, and enjoy the feeling of true relaxation.

Remedial Massage
( for specific concerns and muscle ache )
1 person: $110.00
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Remedial massage is a type of massage that is done to alleviate muscle aches and pains that are caused from muscle strain or injury. Deep massage techniques are used to assist in the recovery of muscle strains, bruising and injuries. The massage is carried out on one of our heated beds in a private room, where warm oils are used to distress the muscle and relax the body. Multiple treatments may be recommended for treatment of a specific concern.

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage 75min:$130.00
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Experience a little a bit of Indian culture with this ancient Indian healing massage, the concept is derived from the indian science Ayurveda.

Marma points that are situated evenly around the body are massaged to help with restoring the natural balance of the body. Chakras, which are our body's energy centres, are massaged to increase the flow of energy throughout the body. The massage is performed by one of our Ayurvedic practioners and is a relaxing and Indulging technique to assist with the balancing of one's body, mind and soul.

Aromatherapy Massage 60min:$110.00
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Essential oils are used in a variety of different ways that can assist in relaxation or stimulation of the body and mind. At Ayurve Spa we have a combination of oil mixes that are specifically chosen to distress, relax or energise and stimulate the muscles of the body. All aromatherapy massages are done in private rooms with certified therapists, and are carried out in the warmth of one of our heated beds with warm oils to relax the mind and body.
Shirodhara +Ayurvedic Massage 90min:$185.00
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This ancient Indian practise, the Shirodhara, has been used for over 5000 years in the treatment of balancing your prana, which means life force. It is based on the ancient principles of ayurvedic medicine and its main objective is to remove toxins from within to provide complete relaxation and balance to the body. Once the massage is completed, warm sesame oil is poured continuously through a copper pot, onto your third eye ( situated in the middle of your forehead ) this encourages a deep relaxation of the body and mind and can alleviate stress symptoms such as headaches, neck tension, insomnia and provide relief for the mind.

The Shirodhara can also provide strength to the nervous system and help remove built up toxins. This type of treatment is a great option for clients with chronic stress related concerns.

Padabhyanga (Indian Foot Massage/Reflexology) 30min:$60.00
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Padabhyanga is a holistic healing approach to different parts of the body. It is believed that there are reflexes in the feet that correspond to different areas in the body including glands and organs. With the application of pressure on these areas, it can assist in the improvement of circulation and natural function of the targeted area.

Available on upon request or on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.

This treatment can be combined with Shirobhyanga (see below).

Shirobhyanga (Indian Head Massage) 30min:$60.00
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Shirobhyanga is a form of ancient ayurvedic healing that focuses on the areas that are most prone to tension and muscle stress, the head, neck and shoulder. With the release of tension that is provided through massage of the marma points, this service can improve alertness and restore balance to the mind and body.

Available on upon request or on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.

Spa Etiquette

Health - Please advise the therapist re pregnancy, heart conditions, cancer etc

Arrival - Please arrive 15 minutes prior to give you full treatment times.

Parking - Check Street Parking on York Street, Clarence St or Secure Car Parks

Booking - A credit card is required to secure your booking.

Cancellation Fee - 100% applied if cancelled, late, or last minute.

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Ayurve Spa Massage Therapy 4 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Oct 06 2011
Enjoyed the professional & friendly service. One of the best relaxation massages I have experienced. Would definitely recommend this salon to family & friends. Next visit to the city I will certainly be heading back for more pampering.
Rating: 5
March 24 2013
It was a total experience - the massage, the oils, the atmosphere, the music, the service... I felt totally pampered.
Rating: 3