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Facial Peels

by CosMedix and Aspect

Why choose peels over facials?? The average client is concerned with aging, sun damage or acne breakouts. Having your regular 6 week facial is great, but having a peel means a more thorough in depth treatment for the skin helping it to rebuild collagen and elastin at a faster rate, while leaving skin instantly brighter and the texture smoother.

All our peels use chirally corrected ingredients, which means that your skin is receiving the ingredient in its most purified form, which cannot cause irritation to the skin, unless of course you have an allergy to that ingredient. When certain ingredients are not chirally correct, this is when you hear people have adverse reactions, mainly because their skin will not tolerate it.

Our range of peels is very gentle on the skin, and most are recommended in a course of 6 or the stronger peels, in a course of 3.

Most peels require preparation using a pigmentation prohibitor and a gentle cream Vitamin A, these are necessary to achieve the results you want, and will be advised at your initial skin consultation.

A range of skin conditions can be treated with our peels: Acne, Balancing dryness, Rosacea, Acne scarring, Fine lines, Sun damage, Blackheads, Pre-mature aging and overall good maintenance of the skin. So try our peels and feel the difference – the results will speak for themselves.

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Ayurve Spa medi-peels
   Aspect Hydrating Botanical Peel (dehydrated, pigmented skin, all skins)
   Aspect Jungle Brew Peel (acne)
   Aspect Age Deception Peel (pre mature aging skin)
   CosMedix Blueberry Peel (all skins)
   CosMedix Benefit Peel (sensitive, rosacea, all skins)
   CosMedix Timeless Peel (pre mature, pigmented, wrinkled skin, acne scarred)
Aspect Hydrating Botanical Peel Series
30min: $120.00

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Our Aspect Hydrating Botanical Peel series is the perfect introduction to those of you that are looking for a deeper skin treatment. A fantastic hydrating peel, that will exfoliate with chirally correct lactic acid and nourish the skin with hydrating botanicals, giving you an instant, brighter complexion. The series comes in 3 different strengths 20%, 30% and 40%, so is able to increase in strength as you progress with your skin program, reaching deeper into the skin each time. The Botanical Series is best done in a course of 6.

Aspect Jungle Brew Peel 30min: $120.00

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AyurveSpa-Aspect Jungle Brew PeelThe Aspect Jungle Brew Peel is a detoxifying treatment that uses a combination of plant extracts and clinical strength beta hydroxyl acids. The treatment is ideal for anyone suffering from acne, blackheads or congested skin. The peel will help draw out any built up congestion under the skin, whilst melting away and unblocking the pores of excess oil.

Acne can be triggered my many factors such as stress, hormonal influences, some medications and environmental factors, this making it a difficult skin condition to treat, but with the proper skin care program and regular peels, it makes it much easier to maintain and keep under control.

Aspect Age Deception Peel 30min: $150.00

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Aspect Age Deception Peel is a peel specifically for those that are concerned with pre-mature aging, sun damage & lack-lustre skin. With a scientifically proven blend of red grape, organic cocoa and red wine, this decadent peel will feed your skin at its deepest layers, promoting new collagen and elastin by encouraging faster cell renewal and strengthening the inner layers. The pigmentation on the surface of the skin, causing uneven skin colour, is sloughed away by beta hydroxyl acids, leaving your skin brighter with each treatment. This peel is recommended in course of 4-6.
CosMedix Blueberry Peel
30min: $85.00

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CosMedix Blueberry PeelCosMedix Blueberry Peel is a wonderful lunchtime pick me up, that is perfect for those that need a deep clean, no matter what skin type you are. Using a sweet aromatic blueberry gel, infused with blue corn meal and exfoliating beads, it will polish and smooth out the texture of your skin, whilst removing any dead skin build up, instantly giving your face a glow. A perfect add-on to a facial, if wanting a deeper exfoliation, or a sweet, gentle introduction to peels.
CosMedix Benefit Peel
30min: $150.00

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The CosMedix Benefit Peel is a powerful combination of Vitamin C and fruit enzymes to feed the skin with vital nutrients. Perfect for sensitive skins, even those with Rosacea as it helps strengthen capillary walls, and protect from harmful environmental factors, this peel is both calming and soothing. With a deep delivery of powerful antioxidants into the lower layers of the skin, it will assist with an increased cell turnover, promoting much fresher and brighter skin.
CosMedix Timeless Peel
30min: $220.00

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The CosMedix Timeless Peel is a Vitamin A based peel that is designed for more skin savvy clients that have had more experience with peeling and stronger use of Vitamin A.

A great clinical treatment for thickened, sun damaged skins or those suffering deep lines or acne scarring, the timeless peel speeds up cell renewal, creating fresher, smoother skin over a course of peels. Based on chirally correct Vitamin A, it is extremely important to be properly prepped before commencing with this peel, and this is advised at your initial consultation. For best results we recommend a course of 3 peels.

Before and after aspect peel   Before and after aspect peel