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Sensitized Skin versus Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a commonly seen in people that have fair skin and are usually of Northern European ancestry, they will have a genetic predisposition towards sensitive skin. This is mainly because they have they have a thinner epidermal layer and a lower amount of pigment in their skin, making it easier for ingredients to cause irritation to the skin as its easier for them to be absorbed.Sensitized skin is not genetically programmed and can be a direct result from the harsh effects the environment can have on our skin, anyone, any age, can have sensitised skin. Their is a fine line between somenone that is Sensitive and someone that is sentitized as both skin type and condition have the same symptoms and can be treated the same.

What causes sensitized skin?

Environmental Effects on the skin :
The fastest rising factor contributing to sensitized skin is environmental assault, as the epidermis (top layer of skin) is constantly exposed to assault from the sun, extreme weather and pollution. All these factors can easily dry out the skin of its natural oils, leaving the skin prone to sensitivity as your skin needs these natural oils to protect itself.
Aging :
As we grow older, the lipids in our top layers of skin begin to decrease, leaving the skin prone to the harsh effects of the environment.
Lifestyle :
Alcohol, certain medications, smoking, certain cosmetics and soaps are all big factors in drying out our skin and causing skins to react to harsh chemicals and ingredients. This can often see people reacting in the forms of itching, burning, contact dermatitis and many more symptoms when we expose ourselves to these things.

Treatments to relieve Sensitive or Senstized skin are :

How many treatments will i need?

Reduction of pigment 2 to 4
Reduction of vascular lesions 2 to 4
Skin rejuvenation 4 to 6
Acne treatment Up to 4
please note these are only approximates