Ayurve Day Spa Packages-Special Deals

 Ayurve Spa Packages, we believe in the importance of caring for one’s self both emotionally and physically. We can become so busy and stressed out in our day-to-day lives that we tend to forget to look after our bodies and our minds. At Ayurve Spa, our spa packages are a designed to do just that relax, indulge and re-balance.

We have a private couple’s or double room that can accommodate our romantic couple packages including massage, facials, hand and foot treatments, but if you’re wanting to come with a friend, mother, sister, daughter, father – whatever you choose, this can also be done in our double room or you can select one of our private single rooms, all with heated beds and relaxing surroundings..

 All our Sydney Day Sap Packages are suited for everyone. They are a perfect gift for someone special on that special occasion..

Day Spa Packages for Male & Females

Couples Massage Room-Ayurve Spa Sydney

Couples Massage Room-Ayurve Spa Sydney

Couples Day Spa Pampering Packages

Romantic Couples Massage – 1 Hour | 2 people: $220.00
( any 2 people can enjoy the treatments together)

Enjoy a Relaxing Swedish massage in your own private couple’s room, with heated beds and warm towels. Feel the relief as your muscles are warmed up and the tension is released using warm sweet almond oil.

After your treatment, you will both be served with a glass of chilled champagne.

For Individual massage types you can request relaxing, aromatherapy, remedial style or pregnancy.

Couples Luxury Day Spa Package – 2 Hours | 2 people: $410.00

Relax and unwind with 2 hours of uninterrupted pampering. Begin your package with a warm oil Swedish massage, including a deep scalp massage. Follow on with a customised facial, to help freshen and brighten the skin, treating face neck and décolletage. After your treatments are over you will then be served a chilled glass of champagne.

Couples Day Spa Package – 3 Hours | 2 people: $590.00
Body Scrub Massage+Facial

Pamper yourself and your partner with this decadent 3-hour relaxing package. Begin with a full body organic sugar scrub, with hot towel removal, followed by a 1 hour relaxing Swedish massage. Then enjoy a 90 minute customised facial, to help freshen and brighten the skin whilst addressing any other concerns you may have. After your treatments you and your partner will be served with a chilled glass of champagne.

Couples Day Spa Package – 4 Hours | 2 people: $760.00
BodyScrub Massage+Facial+Hand & Foot Paraffin Treatment

Experience 4 hours of total uninterrupted bliss, by treating yourself to our 4-hour Indulgence package. You will begin with a full body organic sugar scrub and warm oil Swedish massage, easing that stiffness and tension out of your muscles, with a warm towel removal of any excess product on skin. Then Indulge in a 90 minute customised facial, addressing any concerns you may have, with an extended facial massage including neck and scalp. Drift away then whilst you have a 30 minute paraffin hand and foot treatment, OR you can have a choice between having a full manicure OR pedicure (inc paint). Then treat yourself with a glass of chilled champagne.

Special Day Spa Packages

4 Hour Absolute Indulgence – Day Spa Package | 1 person: $370.00
BodyScrub Massage+Facial + Manicure or Pedicure

Day Spa Packages Ayurve Sydney

Day Spa Packages Ayurve Sydney

Indulge yourself in a luxurious 4-hour package that is the ultimate in body pampering. To start, you will enjoy a full body organic sugar scrub, with warm towel removal of any excess salts on the skin. Then lose yourself in a 60-minute Swedish massage with warm sweet almond oil to soften the muscles and deep pressure to ease the tension. Then you will enjoy a 90 minute custom facial, using the highest quality ingredients, treating all of your major skin concerns, leaving your skin nourished and brighter. You will then have the choice to have either a manicure or pedicure, including exfoliation, cuticle removal, buffing, filing, massage and painting with the latest colours from OPI.

You will definitely feel revived and relaxed after this pamper session!!!

3 Hour Total Pampering Day Spa Package | 1 person: $280.00

Enjoy our 3Hr Package with a Relaxing body massage followed by a Manicure or Pedicure- the ultimate softening treatment for your hands & feet including soak & exfoliation. Hands & feet are massaged then dipped in a warm wax, completed with coloured polish of your choice. And finish the indulgence with a Customised Dermalogica Facial suited to your skin needs.

Day Spa Package-Ayurve

Day Spa Package-Ayurve

2 Hour Luxury Package Day Spa Package | $210.00

Treat yourself to a 2 hour luxurious pamper session in one of our private rooms, while you relax on a heated bed.

Luxury Day Spa Package 2hrs Ayurve Sydney

Luxury Day Spa Package 2hrs Ayurve Sydney

Your treatment will begin with a 60-minute Swedish body massage using warm sweet almond oil, with hot towel removal. You will then be treated with a 60-minute custom facial to suit all skins that address different concerns, using the highest quality ingredients. Finish your treatment by enjoying a glass of warm rose tea.

Ayurvedic Day Spa Treatments

90min Shirodhara (Wed, Thur & Sat) | $185.00

Shirodhara Ayurvedic Massage-Ayurve

Shirodhara Ayurvedic Massage-Ayurve

The word Shirodhara has been derived from Sanskrit language which means flow of oil on your forehead.  Shirodhara is curative as well as rejuvenating process as it eliminates lots of diseases and improves vitality; two steps of shirodhara are: – whole body is massaged with warm oil; the client is then advised to lie down on the massage table in supine position (face upwards) oil is released from bowl to forehead.

75min Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage (Wed, Thu & Sat) | $130.00

A therapeutic warm oil based massage which helps to release tension and increase vitality by removing excess toxins from the body. It includes massage of marma point (vital points), which helps in restoring the balance and constitution in the body, thereby increasing the flow of prana (life force) in YOU.

Body Scrub Massage-Day Spa Package Ayurve Sydney

Body Scrub Massage-Day Spa Package Ayurve Sydney


Body Scrub with Relaxing Body Massage 90min | $155.00

Begin with a 30-minute organic sugar body scrub, focusing on areas of dryness. Hot towel removal of the sugar scrub will instantly relax and warm the muscles. You will then enjoy a 60-minute relaxing Swedish massage, to ease stress and tension from the muscles using a warm sweet almond oil, massaging each part of the body, and focusing on any areas you may request more attention too.

Finish your treatment with a glass of warm rose tea.

Sea Mud body Wrap/Multi Power body wrap Dermalogica 75min | $165.00

Relax on one of our heated beds while you surrender yourself to a fine body exfoliation using oatmeal and rice bran to exfoliate the excess dead skin cells, revealing much smoother and brighter skin. Using a clay masque infused with Asian ginger and white tea antioxidants, your body will be coated and wrapped allowing the masque to draw out impurities within the skin, and feeding your skin with much needed antioxidants to strengthen skin and restore a bright and supple texture.

If your skin is a bit on the drier side, you could choose instead to be coated in a multivitamin masque with its hydrating ingredients Kukui Nut, Olive & Grape seed oil with caffeine to help stimulate and improve circulation.

Vanilla Body Escape 140 Minutes | $230.00

Experience our new deliciously smelling vanilla body wrap that is enriched with soybean oil, rice powder and vanilla extract. Begin with a full body exfoliation using rice powder to brighten and soften the skin, followed by a warm vanilla oil massage, easing the tension built up in the muscles. Then allow yourself to be coated in a delicious vanilla body masque, and then wrapped for 30 minutes while you enter a deep state of relaxation and let the masque penetrate the skin and deliver nutrients to the deeper layers. A warm shower will then remove any excess product, and then an application of a rich vanilla body balm and a light dusting of a vanilla powder will leave you smelling delicious and your skin beautifully brighter and more supple.

Day Spa Package Etiquette

Health - Any medical or health conditions should be advised at the time of reservations

Arrival – Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to give you full treatment times, any delays may cut into treatment times.

Parking - Please check street signage around York St, Kent St, Clarence St or best to park in QVB or Secure car parks

Booking – A credit card is required to secure your booking.

Cancellation Fee – 100% applied if cancelled, late, or last minute,

Surcharge: Public holiday 10% surcharge may apply on all treatments including gift vouchers.

Ayurve Blog: Day Spa Treatments is for everyone !

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